With White Riot beer we smile at the warm season!

Our citrusy Blanche, White Riot, is a beer to enjoy during summer outings and pairs well with various food options or as a simple aperitif.

Notes of punk music are heard here at Birrificio del Ducato. It is not a concert but the fermentation of White Riot beer, which takes its name from the song of the late 70s by the English band The Clash.

This light and refreshing citrus-flavored Blanche beer is perfect for the warm season.

White Riot is one of the flagship beers of Birrificio del Ducato, produced with carefully selected and processed raw materials, with a balanced combination of coriander, grapefruit pulp, orange, lemon, bergamot zest and exotic hops. An intriguing beer that evokes the scents and flavors of the Italian summer, with a strong, delicate and enveloping bitterness that reveals itself with every sip.

"White Riot stands out for its modern character: it is linked to the Blanche tradition for the use of soft wheat and Belgian Wit yeast but we wanted to take the spiciness of the usual blanche to extremes playing with different Italian citrus fruits. The use of grapefruit pulp (over 50 grapefruits per batch), peeled and blended by hand, the addition of dried peels of sweet orange, lemon and bergamot (30 kg in total for each batch) and fresh grapefruit peels, make it a beer out of the usual canons, capable of surprising from the first olfactory approach".

White Riot, with its low alcohol content of 4% ABV, is a perfect Session beer to quench your summer thirst. Its citrus freshness is the result of years of refinement to achieve perfect balance and drinkability.
Like all Birrificio del Ducato beers, White Riot is gastronomically versatile and can be paired with a variety of dishes, including raw fish, sushi, summer salads, fresh cheeses, pasta and rice salads, mozzarella and even fried vegetables. A unique and recommended combination is the one with peppered mussels or raw oysters.

“We always look forward to the first White Riot brewing of the year and eagerly to taste the final result. This beer marks the awakening of the senses, the arrival of spring. White Riot and its first yearly brewing fill me with emotion. Filling the hopback with citrus peels, smelling their scent when the must wets them... that scent has its own place in my mind”.

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