The Sun Shines On Birrificio Del Ducato: The Journey Towards A Sustainable Future Continues Thanks To Photovoltaic Energy

Birrificio del Ducato takes a step forward towards energy self-sufficiency and the protection of the planet with the installation of a solar panel system on the surface of the factory.

We proudly continue our journey towards sustainability: at the beginning of 2024, the workers officially completed the design and installation of a photovoltaic system for the electricity production.

A commitment to sustainability

For several years we have been pursuing a policy of growth and continuous improvement, not only in terms of technological innovation, but also of sustainability and energy efficiency. The ultimate goal is to minimize the environmental impact of beer production.


A large photovoltaic system

Based on an accurate technical design and with the help of a team of experts, a photovoltaic system was created by the company Biosolar Srl. The total surface area of ​​the panels is 1500 m², equal to the entire coverage of the production site . The system is made up of 455 photovoltaic modules of 505 Wp each, for a total power of 230 KWp. The system is completed by field panels and 5 inverters that convert the direct current from the solar panels into alternating current.

Clean energy and self-sufficiency

The plant will grant electricity production through the photovoltaic effect, allowing us to abandon the use of energy from fossil sources and, consequently, progressively reduce the impact of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Part of the unused energy will be transferred to the electricity grid, for the benefit of other companies.

"We are very proud of this result which, together with many other projects, brings us further closer to the virtuous entrepreneurial model we aim for. The use of a 'green' energy source, in addition to drastically limiting the impact on the environment, allows us to increase energy self-sufficiency for production."

Face the challenges of the future

The installation of the photovoltaic system is just one of the projects we have put in place in order to obtain an increasingly efficient use of natural resources. This medium-term planning began in 2020, with the construction of a new water treatment plant. Through a batch biological purification process, it is able to cleanly return a large part of the brewery’s waste water to the surface aquifers, significantly reducing the waste of water resources.

“The challenges we encounter on our path, from the consequences of the pandemic to growing climate change, allow us to grasp the essence of difficulties to transform them into opportunities. Efficiency based on sustainability must be the macro guideline that guides our future”.


The photovoltaic system is prepared for the future implementation of energy storage systems and the installation of additional solar modules.

The goal is in fact to continue working for the constant improvement of the use of water and energy resources, contributing to a more sustainable future for the Planet. In a complex global context, an relevant part of our mission is to strive to make a difference with the tenacity and resilience that represents us.

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