Thanks for everything, Giovanni!

Birrificio del Ducato was founded 13 years ago by Giovanni Campari who has been able to realize his aspirations and see them materialize in a successful company.

Birrificio del Ducato was founded 13 years ago by a visionary, passionate and imaginative man who has been able to realize his aspirations and see them materialize in a successful company

This man is Giovanni Campari, who, after having founded and worked for a long time on his and our project – with all the sacrifices, efforts and investments that this entails – immediately acquired respect and fame in the brewing industry, in Italy and abroad. Birrificio del Ducato today is not only the product of all the difficulties faced together over the past years, but also of the adventures and successes that have led our beers to be acclaimed on the podiums of the most prestigious competitions around the world.

Beer has always been our priority and will continue to be so. Giovanni’s project is now a success thanks to the attention to quality, innovation and improvement of the techniques of beer production, which are now the foundations on which our daily work is based.

Like a good father, Giovanni Campari taught us his professional values over the years and made us part of his vision, inspiring the brewers of Birrificio del Ducato and many other brewers in the world of craft beer.

Birrificio del Ducato gave me a lot, and I dedicated everything I had to it: time, resources, commitment, sweat, but above all, the best years of my life. But now things have changed, the company has grown and has been well structured in many aspects. The work is well organized and I am really proud to see the professional and personal growth that many of the employees have done and are doing. Manuel and I recently decided to leave the brewery in the good hands of the Duvel Moortgat Group.

Today all of us at Birrificio del Ducato are proud of our founding father, who has managed to make us achieve excellence and taught us what it means to work with passion every day.

Thanks for everything, Giovanni! The brewery door will always be wide open for you, our glasses raised and filled with good beer, wishing you all the best for the future. 

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