“Parma Amber” wins a Gold Medal at European Beer Star

Parma Vecchia Amber won the Gold at the most prestigious international beer competition, European Beer Star, which takes place every year.

Parma Vecchia Amber won the Gold at the most prestigious international beer competition, European Beer Star, which takes place every year in Nuremberg, Germany.

Parma Vecchia Amber won the gold medal in the “Red and Amber Lager / Vienna Style Lager” category. After the title of Italy Winner at World Beer Awards, here is the second important recognition for one of our most recent beers.

I am very happy with this award! Winning a Gold in the Red and Amber Lager category in Germany is like winning in the American Pale Ale category in USA. We add this umpteenth medal to the others that we have obtained in this prestigious competition. We still hold the record of the greatest number of awards won at once: 7 medals obtained at European Beer Star in 2011. I am extremely satisfied for the triumph of Parma Vecchia Amber, because it is a simple but extremely balanced beer and excelling in Germany. which is the home of balanced beers, in a German category, has a particular taste

2019 was the record year for European Beer Star, with a total of 2,483 competing beers from 47 countries around the world. The winning beers have been selected by a panel of 145 members, including brewmasters, sommeliers and established connoisseurs from 28 countries. After a blind tasting, the jury determines the medal winners, based on the organoleptic characteristics of the beer in relation to their style. 

European Beer Star is fast becoming one of the most competitive events in the entire international beer scene: the competition is getting closer, so winning a gold medal is a remarkable achievement that we are very proud of. The investments of the last two years in production and quality are the secret of this great success. The reason why we participate in the most important brewing competitions is not just to compare ourselves with other breweries. We want to direct consumers towards a conscious choice, helping them to extricate himself from the myriad proposals on the shelves and head them to a product judged to be of high quality by those who truly understand it, without any kind of prejudice.

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