New labels for “Parma” beers

Birrificio del Ducato has changed the bottles of Parma Vecchia beers to ensure greater visibility to the labels on the shelves.

Birrificio del Ducato has changed the bottles of Parma Vecchia beer range to ensure an improvement in the visibility of the labels on the shelf.

The new labels of are already present in Iper La Grande I sales points and will begin to occupy the shelves of Coop Alleanza and Conad from September.

Giovanni Campari, founder and brew-master of Birrificio del Ducato, declares:

To make sure that our beers differ from others on the shelves we've chosen brighter colors and a modern, clean and elegant design: the same features that are found in the product. The new labels are designed to reflect the distinctive character of our beers , giving prominence to the excellence of Birrificio del Ducato brand. - Birrificio del Ducato is the most awarded Italian brewery in international competitions - Just recently our Parma Vecchia Amber won the first medal as the best amber beer at the prestigious World Beer Awards competition.

The new graphic has been lightened thanks to the use of a white background that expresses the cleanliness and genuineness of the beer, a product whose elegance is communicated by the use of silver in the writings and in the simplified profile of Piazza Duomo in Parma beside the label.

Parma Vecchia range consists of 3 beers that differ in style. These three styles are now more visible on the front, so that the consumer recognizes the beer that he/she most prefers. What helps here is the color present on the collar and on the graphic element on the label front (enlarged detail of the logo of the brewery in its upper part).

Blue was selected for the Lager, a color that symbolizes balance and freshness. Orange was chosen for Amber, a warm color that recalls that of beer. Finally, for IPA, the color of hops, green.

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