Our main mission is to create balanced and elegant beers, born from visions and unique ideas

We want to lead people on a timeless journey, towards new horizons of taste, departing from the authenticity of our territory.


Balance | Elegance

We are driven by the desire to create unique beers, well recognizable for their elegance and expressiveness. Our beers, whether simple or complex, must always be balanced, therefore pleasant to drink. In fact, balance and elegance are the keys to the success of any artistic work, such as beer.

Journey | Dreams

Journey is the cornerstone of all our brewing activities. A journey both physical and dreamlike, which becomes discovery, knowledge, emotion. A journey that drives the consumer towards new horizons of taste, in search of those cultural and social symbols that he finds in his own life experience. This way, the drinker can build his own memories.

Territory | Authenticity

Parma, UNESCO Creative City for Gastronomy, is the center of Italian Food Valley, a territory completely dedicated to food traditions. Our beers are inevitably conditioned by them: for us in Parma the culture of good food is a primary necessity and we take very seriously what we eat and drink.

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