Liefmans X Birrificio del Ducato: the explosive mix of 2024

A harmonious symphony between the powerful character of Machete Double IPA and the "sour" elegance of Liefmans beers. We invite you to discover it at the Beer & Food Attraction in Rimini!

Liefmans X Birrificio del Ducato: this is the name of the new and extremely rare limited edition beer brewed in collaboration with the Belgian brand!

Among the best and most famous Sour beer producers in Belgium, the Liefmans brand, another illustrious member of our Duvel Moortgat family, is known internationally for its refined ability to create special products through the “blending” technique. It is precisely this art of blending that inspired the new “one shot” product from Birrificio del Ducato; the result is an explosive combination that draws from the range of our historical references and merges Italian craft beer with traditional Belgian Sour products. Liefmans X Birrificio del Ducato is indeed a fascinating blend between our Machete Double IPA and Liefmans Sour Ale.

The beer presents itself with a bright golden color and a persistent body; hop notes open the dance to a fruity yet decisive taste, supported by a significant alcohol content (7.5%) in a kaleidoscopic universe of citrus scents, grapefruit, pineapple, and blueberry. The product resulting from this blend is a harmonious symphony between the powerful character of Machete Double IPA and the elegant “sour” profile, typical of Liefmans beers. From a gastronomic point of view, its fresh character makes it perfect paired with fried fish and mollusk dishes such as sautéed clams and mussels in pepper. Its citrus scents also pair perfectly with highly spiced cold cuts, such as wild boar salami and finocchiona, and braised meats with high fat percentages. Another interesting pairing is the sweet contrast with citrus-based desserts, such as lemon curd or tarts, but also with pineapple cakes and sweets.

For the second year running, we had the chance to explore the wonders of the Duvel Moortgat family’s brewing universe worldwide. While in the summer of 2023, we ventured across the oceans as guests of the Firestone Walker brewers to produce the California Star, this time our journey led us to the centuries-old home of our Flemish cousins, in the riverside town of Oudenaarde. Liefmans, in fact, boasts a precious and rich history of brewing production: its foundation dates back to the distant 1679!


For over 300 years, its master brewers have experimented with the combination of Belgian cherries and various types of malt, with formidable results. Through the techniques of “blending” and “coupage”, mixes between the youngest beer and that aged in large wooden vats are still made today, a ritual that reignites fermentation, creating a taste profile like no other.

It was an immense pride for us to see one of our historical beers in the role of co-star in the creation of a new masterpiece by the blend masters. The result is something special that, incorporating the strengths of its components, gives life to an entirely new beer, unique in its kind. We invite you to immerse yourself with us in this tasty adventure!

Liefmans X Birrificio del Ducato will be available exclusively in 20-liter kegs until stocks last and will be presented at the Beer & Food Attraction in Rimini.

Come and find us at Pavilion C5 – Stand 172!

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