“Krampus” 2018: a Winter Ale dedicated to a demon

History and organoleptic description of our Christmas Ale, Krampus, just released and ready to be distributed all over Italy!

During the whole winter season Birrificio del Ducato produces a Winter Ale called Krampus with an alcolic degree of 9,5%. It is the perfect beer to drink while waiting for dawn next to the fireplace, sheltered from the raids of demons.

The name refers to the a folklore legend of the Alpine regions. History tells us that the Krampus were young people who, in order to survive the periods of famine, dressed up as demons covered with furs and animal horns to terrorize the inhabitants and rob their supplies. The 5th of December is in fact the night where the Krampus wander through the streets of the Alpine villages. It is the prelude to the arrival of Bishop St. Nicholas (an ancient precursor of Santa Claus), protector of the children who brings back peace to the comunity.

Krampus is a Winter Ale of high fermentation. It has a very intense amber color with red reflections and a cream-colored foam of fine grain. To the nose it has complex aromatic notes with hints of candied fruit, spices and balsamic scents. In the mouth it is warm, full-bodied and with a perceptible sweetness. The taste of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg remind us the cosy winter evenings with our loved ones.

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