Guided brewery tours and tastings

Open days at Birrificio del Ducato in the company of brew master Giovanni Campari! Guided tours with visit to the brewery and beer tasting.

Since January Birrificio del Ducato started organizing brewery tours and tastings, so ‘brewery open days’ for the public. During these days brew master Giovanni Campari guides the visitors by explaining them every detail of the Ducato brewing process and by showing them the barley mill, the production hall, the control room and the laboratory.

In this way it is finally possible to bring the people closer sharing with them all the work and passion that goes into the production of the Ducato beers. After having passed all the stages of production, the brewery tours end with a degustation of four beers in the company shop. Here the visitors can explore together with Giovanni the sensory experience offered by the beers bringing them to new boundaries of taste.

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