Gold For Machete, Best World’s Double IPA

This year we bring home three new medals from the World Beer Awards. Our winners are: Machete, Verdi and Freeride!

Let’s end the summer on a high note by winning new trophies at the World Beer Awards in London! This year the beers that emerged victorious from the competition are three: Machete, Verdi and Freeride.

It is with immense satisfaction that we announce the gold medal of our Machete, not only as the best Double IPA in Italy, but also as the best Double IPA in the world.

Machete is an explosion of aromas for smell and taste, a very fragrant golden-colored beer with fruity hints of grapes, orange and tropical fruits. Its powerful load of hops gives pleasant aromatic sensations and makes it a decisive and structured beer, but at the same time pleasant to drink. One sip immediately calls for another! In short, it is a beer with a strong character that continues to represent an unshakable certainty for us.

We are equally proud of the gold medal won by Verdi as the best Stout and Porter in Italy and the silver medal of Freeride in the IPA category. Two very different beers but equally appreciated by craft beer connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

“Every award we receive is a satisfaction for the whole company and a further confirmation of how our products are of high quality and absolutely in line with brewing excellence. We are really proud of it! For us, it was not enough for Machete to be the best Double IPA in Italy… we wanted it to be the best Double IPA in the world and we achieved our goal. Machete continues to prove itself as an unshakable certainty. In addition, always having a comparison with the best of world production stimulates us and makes us competitive on the national and international market. We always want to give our consumers the best while remaining faithful to the very high value that holds a territory like that of Parma where we are based: we are witnesses of this and our beers confirm its prestige”.

Said Eline Warrinnier, General Manager of Birrificio del Ducato, about the awards received.

We thus proudly preserve the title of the most awarded Italian brewery in the world, an honor but also a burden of commitment, quality and responsibility that we put first on a daily basis to guarantee high-level products to our consumers.

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