Ducato Between Summer Successes And Food Pairings

Let's start summer with a prize! Our labels keep making conquests, as well as giving ideas for combinations between beer and gastronomy. For a summer to enjoy!

We are happy to announce another star in the Ducato medal table: our West Coast IPA won first prize at the 2023 Cerevisia Prize in the ‘IPA and Substyles’ category, in the ‘Style Awards’ section of the competition.

…And what a style! It is one of the classic styles of beer to be appreciated for drinking on its own but which also lends itself very well to combinations between beer and local gastronomy. In fact, this emerald of our triad of beers dedicated to large-scale distribution goes perfectly with fried dumplings, pizza, hamburgers, grilled meats and spicy foods. In short, the West Coast IPA is the perfect ally for the summer season.

But it’s not the only one, indeed! All our creations have one (or more than one!) counterpart in the food world which, when paired with our beers, can create a memorable summer gastronomic experience.

Here they are one by one:

      • White Riot, our Seasonal Citrus Blanche, is the perfect beer to be enjoyed together with a raw shellfish royal plateau. Even better if combined with diced papaya and avocado, with a few pink grapefruit wedges that pick up on the aromatic notes of the beer. In short, it is a combination dedicated to the most romantic people who do not give up a toast in front of a sunset over the sea.

      • Freeride West Coast IPA, thanks to its aromatic complexity conferred by hops which gives aromas of exotic fruit and balsamic notes, finds the perfect combination with the excellence of our street food. Sicilian arancini, French fries, panzerotti, fish cuoppo, are just some of the proposals for those who are eagerly awaiting the dawn after a dancing night on the beach, in the name of freedom!

      • Machete Double IPA, with its explosive exuberance given by the charge of the hops, is the beer of the “lit embers”, to be enjoyed together with a nice hamburger or grilled sausage. How many people wait all year for the moment of barbecue in the countryside? This is for all grill cooking lovers and beer-barbecue pairing.

      • A.F.O. American Amber Ale lends itself to one of the timeless classic beer-food pairings: pizza. But not only the margherita pizza, the A.F.O. is a beer that holds up to the complexity of reinterpretations: Ham and Mushrooms, Capricciosa, Spicy Salami or Speck, in short, it adapts to all tastes. For an improvised dinner by the pool, when you really don’t feel like going home.

      • Viaemilia Italian Pilsner, with its balance and elegance, goes perfectly with the foods of the area from which this beer takes its name. Ever tried a pairing of beer and cheese? Well, this is the right time to start, Viaemilia is perfect with not too mature cheeses but also with crunchy cold cuts and vegetables. 3,2,1… Aperitif on the terrace is ready!

      • Paradox Belgian Tripel, intense but balanced, is the perfect style for a combination of beer and gourmet cuisine. Savory risottos or first courses, aged cheeses and dark bread; in short, a tasty but also refreshing and restorative meal after a pleasant excursion in the mountains.

      • Futura, a Bock with malty and red fruit notes, can give life to unusual beer-food combinations such as pasta alla diavola or penne all’arrabbiata. It is also right for you if you want to offer beer together with a dessert: in fact, it is perfect with a chocolate and raspberry mousse. Imagine a home garden illuminated by lantern lights with a large set table. Magical, isn’t it?

      Last but not least are the beers of the GDO line, the sisters of the award-winning West Coast IPA, each characterized by its own peculiarities that make them unique and also suitable for interesting combinations between beer and gastronomy. California Lager, for example, with its honeyed notes, goes perfectly with a good raw Parma ham and Felino salami. A plate of lasagna, on the other hand, is the ideal companion for Vienna Amber and for malt lovers.

      In short, if every beer is a journey, it is also a journey in the name of flavours, of the gastronomic experience that can be drawn from beer-food pairings. An exploration to discover classic and new tastes, combinations and contrasts that contribute to enhance and exalt the product in all its nuances.

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