Belgian beer in Italy: discovering Duvel, Maredsous and Chouffe


How do the Belgian beers produced by Duvel, Maredsous and Chouffe fit into the Italian market?

These three brands, prestigious and iconic members of the Duvel Moortgat family, have gained ground in the panorama of Belgian beer importation into Italy thanks to their essential ideals of quality and authenticity, totally in line with a country guided by goodness and beauty. Thanks to a growing demand for specialty beers, Duvel, Maredsous and Chouffe have been able to conquer an audience that appreciates variety and quality. Their presence in Italy, in fact, translates into a wider possibility of choice for beer lovers, helping to increasingly shape a brewing culture worthy of note in our country.

But let’s delve deeper into the knowledge of each of these excellences of Belgian beer in Italy!



Duvel’s is a family story that began in 1871, when Jan-Léonard Moortgat founded his business in the brewery of Puurs-Sint-Amands, Belgium. The passion and commitment to producing quality beer were passed down from generation to generation until the current one, the fourth, which sees Michel Moortgat at the reins of the company. Thanks to the constant search for excellence in production processes and raw materials, but also to the profound respect for a consolidated brewing tradition, today Duvel beer is considered high-end and prestigious and is recognized internationally as the standard for refermented special beers in the bottle.


There are currently two references on the Italian market, both in Ho.Re.Ca and in large-scale retail trade: Duvel Original and Duvel 6.66%.

The first (8.5% vol.), with a well-balanced taste and a wonderful and elegant roundness on the palate, is appreciated by beer lovers looking for a refined and distinctive experience; its premium position reflects the ‘craft’ quality and reputation of the brand. The second (6.66% vol.), launched to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the activity, is a product that offers the perfect balance between the rich Belgian brewing tradition and innovation, as it is designed for a growing target of young people looking for a less alcoholic and complex experience.

Let yourself be tempted by the charm of Duvel!



Founded in 1872 in the Molignée Valley, in the province of Namur (Belgium) by Benedictine monks, the Maredsous Abbey, in addition to being an important historical-artistic centre, is a centuries-old point of reference for the gastronomy of the area and for its timeless brewing tradition. A peculiar characteristic of the Maredsous production process is in fact the adherence to the ancient and original Benedictine recipe which combines well with modern production technologies; a perfect combination that gives life to beers with fruity and caramelized flavours, with an alcohol content ranging from 6% to 10%, depending on the type.

This Belgian beer brand inevitably meets the interest of fans of Abbey styles in our country and is currently positioned on the Italian market with three products in the Ho.Re.Ca channel (Maredsous Blonde, Maredsous Tripel and the 2024 new entry Maredsous Bruin) and a reference in large-scale retail trade (Maredsous Blonde).


Maredsous Blonde, Abbey Blonde Beer (6.5% vol.) is the flagship beer of the entire line. Proposed in three different formats, 33 cl bottles, 75 cl bottles and on tap, it is characterized by its sweet olfactory bouquet, a light smokiness and a touch of bitterness.

Take a journey into abbey beer authenticity with Maredsous Blonde!


Among the Belgian beer brands in Italy it is one of the most appreciated and recognized.

The history of the brand begins in the suggestive Valley of the Fairies, in the Ardennes of Belgium, towards the end of 1970, thanks to the passion of two brothers-in-law, Pierre Gobron and Chris Bauweraerts, who started their small beer production in the garage of a farm. In a few years, that small space became a real brewery, reaching a production of 5,000 hectoliters of beer in 1992. The symbol of the brand is a gnome named Marcel, symbol of the joy of living and the omnipresent bond between Chouffe and the nature of the Ardennes woods.

In the context of the importation of Belgian beer into Italy, among the brands analyzed here, Chouffe is the one that offers greater diversity and choice. In the list of references available on our market we can include both Ho.Re.Ca and GDO: La Chouffe, Mc Chouffe, Houblon Chouffe, Chouffe Blanche, Cherry Chouffe and the new releases for 2024, Alcohol Free Chouffe and Chouffe Lite.

Discover the new Alcohol Free Chouffe!

A special mention is due to La Chouffe, Special Blonde Beer (8% vol.) which, with the 75 cl line, boasts an important history and reputation in the panorama of Belgian beer importation into Italy, since it is one of the first beers to be placed on the shelves of large-scale retail trade with this type of format. Precisely thanks to this pioneering introduction on the market, La Chouffe 75 cl has consolidated its presence as a distinctive option, bringing a touch of innovation and originality to the points of sale.

The presence and imprint left over time by Belgian beer in Italy constitutes a focus for us that intersects with our history as a small Italian ‘craft’ brewery. Thanks to a unique vision of values ​​and ideals with our parent company, Birrificio del Ducato has been identified as a point of support for the diffusion of Belgian beer culture in our country. In 2022, in fact, Duvel Moortgat has entrusted us with the task of official distributor of the Belgian brands Duvel, Chouffe and Maredsous in Italy.

The development of an active commercial network in various distribution channels and the dedication to promoting our mission have allowed us to establish solid relationships with distributors and points of sale and, consequently, with the final consumer. In this way we want to educate towards excellence and convey all our passion by telling the essence of quality and important products also in historical and cultural terms.

The distinctive identities of Duvel, Chouffe and Maredsous, their product range and the impact of Belgian beer brands in the Italian market testify to the importance of preserving tradition while embracing innovative trends. With these brands, every sip is a vast and deep exploration into the riches of brewing culture.

So cheers to all Italians who are passionate about Belgian beer!

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