Quality improvement and constant research are the basis of our beer culture.


We personally select raw materials, which are processed in a fully automated cooking room. We carry out quality and assurance controls through chemical, microbiological and sensorial analyzes in the internal laboratory.


We operate mixed fermentations with lactic bacteria, wild yeasts, microorganisms present in barrels or in the air and slow maturation in wooden barrels. We carry out experiments in labo with yeasts and bacteria.


Our beers are not filtered and pasteurized and are characterized by elegance and expressiveness. Our products tell the culture and suggestions of journeys, territories, life experiences and paths of the imaginary.

The of raw materials

We import malts mainly from Germany and Belgium. Hops come from Germany (some of which are personally selected by us during the harvest), USA, UK, Slovenia, Australia and Italy. Varieties and terroir of hops are fundamental aspects since they give characteristic aromas to beers. We use selected yeasts to brew high and low fermentation beers. In other cases we operate mixed fermentations by adding wild yeasts and lactic bacteria or by spontaneous fermentation.

of beers

Our cutting-edge brewing process consists of a fully automated cooking room, advanced PLC controls and a centrifugal separator. Our beers are not pasteurized, because we believe that subjecting such a complex and fragile product to a thermal treatment irreversibly compromises its freshness and organoleptic quality. Some of our beers are saturated with carbon dioxide in a natural way because they finish the fermentation in closed tanks, being then bottled in isobaric with last generation machinery to guarantee the minimum possible oxidation. These systems are designed to automatically perform rinsing cycles (always using new and sterilized bottles), filling cycles, labeling and bottle capping.

Mixed fermentation with

In some cases we perform mixed fermentations inoculating wild yeasts of the genus Brettanomyces and lactic bacteria to create greater aromatic complexity. The beers made with this method, mostly aged in wooden barrels, need months or even years of slow maturation. Sometimes the spontaneous fermentation is activated by micro-organisms present in the air or in the barrels or on the peels of the fruit added to the must. The choice of barrels is based on what they have contained: some have hosted red wines, other white wines, others still bourbon or whiskey. During maturation the beer takes on the tertiary aromas of the wood, has a micro-oxygenation and also absorbs a part of what the cask was impregnated in the past.

The lab for quality

The laboratory for Assurance and Quality control have recently been renewed, doubling in space and adding new equipment that monitors every single beer during all stages of production. Furthermore, the quality of the beer is guaranteed by three-phase analysis : physical-chemical, microbiological and sensory. Each phase carefully inspects the different elements of the beer, such as color, taste, raw materials, but also other aspects such as the position of the corks so that oxygen doesn't leak. The analysis is done through a specially developed internal panel.

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