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Guided brewery tours and tastings

Giovanni Campari, brewmaster and founder, and we all of the Ducato family look forward to sharing with you the result of our work and our passion. We will show you all the passages from which our beers are born and we will end the tour with a tasting in the brewery shop. It will be a sensory experience towards new boundaries of taste.

Next guided tour with tasting:


19 OCTOBER 2019

How does the experience work?

What is the event?

It is a guided tour of the brewery (you’ll see mill, cooking room, laboratory, control room). At the end of the tour, you will taste 4 beers together with us in the brewery shop, where we’ll explain the peculiarities of each product.

What are the times?

On the day dedicated to visits with tastings, you can choose from the following times:

– from 14 to 15
– from 15 to 16
– from 16 to 17
– from 17 to 18
– from 18 to 19

What will you do during the tour?

During the tour of the brewery we will reveal the secrets of producing our beer. We will show the tools and equipment currently in use to brew.

How much does the experience cost?

The cost of the visit with tasting is 10 euros per person.

How does the tasting work?

At the end of the visit there will be a guided tasting of 4 beers at the brewery shop.


“The staff welcomes us with a big smile, then Giovanni Campari arrives and shows us the whole interior of the brewery with a detailed explanation of the various steps to get a good beer … the tour ends with tastings of their delicious beers tapped at the moment! I would say that it was a wonderful experience and I recommend it to lovers of craft beers but also to those who are just curious but not connoisseurs of beer like me. “

silvia p.

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