Birrificio del Ducato has launched the rebranding of beers for the off-trade channel

Birrificio del Ducato rebrands its beer labels for the off-trade market as Ducato range, with a modern and captivating design that reflects the brewery's history. The Ducato Line promises a complete sensory experience that invites consumers to explore new flavors and create gastronomic options based on Parma's excellence.

We are pleased to announce that Birrificio del Ducato has launched the rebranding of its beers dedicated to off trade. The new graphic design of the line, called Ducato, was designed with a modern and captivating style, capable of communicating the fascinating history of the most awarded Italian brewery in the world. The Ducato range was created to offer the consumer a complete sensory experience, inviting him to discover new horizons of taste and to create varied gastronomic proposals, starting from the excellence of the Parma area.

The Ducato line was launched in 2019 and has been available on the off trade shelves ever since. The goal of the rebranding was to adapt the products to the Brewery’s mission, which believes that “Every beer is a journey”. In fact, each beer has a unique and inimitable personality, it is the custodian of stories and tales, related to the raw materials and the individual process steps that make it exclusive.

Birrificio del Ducato has rebranded the Ducato Line to make all those who choose to taste the beers feel even more involved. Consumers will not only participate in the success and storytelling of the most awarded Italian brewery in the world, but will also be more facilitated in making new gastronomic combinations. Furthermore, beer is a versatile drink that lends itself to accompanying not only the classic pizza or burgers, but also complete and varied menus. Birrificio del Ducato bears witness to the gastronomic wealth of Parma Food Valley, an area known internationally for the many excellent culinary products.

The design of the new labels has been studied in detail, capable of conveying the essence of the beer itself. The bright and lively colors, the storytelling of the journey, together with an impactful and refined design, represent a visual synthesis of the value and quality of the product, inviting the consumer to discover and appreciate the beer sip after sip. In this way, the image of the beer blends perfectly with the quality of the product itself, creating a complete and engaging sensory experience for the consumer.

The Ducato line includes various beers, each with its own personality and history.

California Lager, with a bright electric blue label, is an American Beer that does not use hops like the modern and contemporary generation of beers. Known as California Common, these beers have origins in 19th century in California.

Vienna Amber, with its warm-coloured label, follows the style of the Vienna Lagers but with a more intense tone and a greater richness of taste brought about by the malts. It is a beer with a classic and refined charm, a spokesperson for European elegance and the tradition of the Old Continent.

Bright green for the West Coast IPA label, a beer that highlights hops making them the absolute protagonists. This beer allows, in an instant, to savor the California summer … just sip it several times and close your eyes. Seeing is believing!

To make everything even more realistic, the three beers are also equipped with a practical case complete with glass, to immediately set off on a journey without equal: Ducato Special Pack.

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