our beers


la ricerca

Range that includes all the beers that have marked our history. Their recipes are the offspring of a long-standing project. La Ricerca is characterized by beers of great personality, with the common denominator of balance and elegance.

le stagionali

Range that includes beers produced at certain times of the year or for special occasions. Linked to particular moments and seasons, these beers are not only original, but unique products.

il tempo

Range that includes all barrel-aged beers and other specialties. Some of them require a long period of refinement and maturation. Il Tempo includes sour beers, mixed fermentations or fruit beers.


linea parma

A complete range of beers dedicated to large-scale distribution, inspired by the gastronomic excellences of the province of Parma and able to adapt to the tastes of the most refined palates.

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