A water treatment plant that respects the environment

The new water treatment plant of the brewery will ensure a very low, virtuous and respectful impact of our daily work on environment.

Research and continuous improvement have always been two fundamental pillars on which Birrificio del Ducato is based.

In these months we are working continuously on a constant development of the production process and its collateral activities. Birrificio del Ducato is investing in the research for the best technologies in order to achieve a constant improvement of quality with the greatest respect for the environment and its biological balance. Precisely because we believe it’s essential to contribute in a decisive manner to protect and preserve the environment around us, we are completing the construction of the new water treatment plant.

The design, sizing and construction of the new water treatment plant were carried out taking account of the most advanced technologies, pursuing the following general objectives:

  1. Compliance with current environmental protection and occupational safety standards.
  2. High reliability of processes and machines.
  3. High flexibility of control.

On the basis of the type of by-products, a discontinuous biological process was chosen. The compartment’s operating cycle will therefore consist of an aerobic phase, during which oxygen will be supplied, and an anaerobic phase, during which the clarified water will be separated.

Important investments in the automation process will allow us to have continuous control over everything that happens in the water treatment plant, guaranteeing a very low, virtuous and respectful impact of our daily work on environment.

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